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We Are The Tay


My name is The Tay. Your art can only be as great as your influences. Here they are. Also, pancakes.

On Sundays we play wit new sounds and try to go to space. It never works but we still try.

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awzamn asked: Booty or Pancakes?

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Anonymous asked: I miss you back in ATL. :(

I have no idea who you are, but I miss you too.

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Hey wassup yall?

How are…ya’ll?

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Just chillin and playn round and practicing with some sounds.

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We record dig and sample search and hit a mild Shmoney on Sundays

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Perfection is boring. Fuckin up is beautiful

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Pullin up Jumpin out!

Pullin up Jumpin out!

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Gonna feel like this Syrupy Intro all day. Hopefully.

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The laughter kills me

Hey sis,

40, 000 people have seen you do contemporary dance in pajamas and a Tupac mask. How dat feel?

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Thank yall. Bye Miami. Bye yall.

Thank yall. Bye Miami. Bye yall.

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