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My name is The Tay. Your art can only be as great as your influences. Here they are. Also, pancakes.

Bpkevsjcynekuuf nahmean?

Bpkevsjcynekuuf nahmean?

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genjadeshade asked: Any thoughts on Donald Glover voicing Miles in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon? I'm super excited about it!


I literally have been sitting on this all year.  I am so glad this is out because I could not hold it any longer.

 I wasn’t able to be there for the recording because my daughter had a performance but Joe Q. sent me a personal video message from Donald which I will cherish for the rest of my days. it was pretty cool and a lovely surprise.

 when miles first debuted Donald’s name was being dropped in the press a lot, which was completely out of my control, and I always worried that he may not appreciate having his name out there with something he has nothing to do with… so for me it was a relief that he accepted the gig because it said that he didn’t mind being associated with the character. I hope that makes sense.

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This is where my soul belongs.

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A thuggish guy dressed in all red walks up on a elementary school stage. We only see his legs and feet as he walks. Below are three judges, watching him with cold anticipation.

Judge: Alright YG, your word is CONSTITUTION.

The contestant is YG. The rapper.  He almost answers then stops himself.

YG: What’s the origin of the word tho like…

Judge: It has greek origin, derived from the word Constitus.

YG: Ok aiight den shit uhh..

YG almost answers then stops himself.

 YG: Aiight what’s the synonyms and shit like…

 Judge: Synonyms are bylaw, structure, and composition.

 YG: Aiight then uhh…

YG almost answers then stops himself.

YG: Aiight can I get a definition tho. Niggas just need to be sure and shit.

Judge: The system of beliefs and laws by which a country, state, or organization is governed

YG: Ok ok. I fucks with that. Aiight…

YG pauses. He thinks. He almost answers then stops himself. Then thinks. Then pauses. He steps, carefully yet prepared to the mic and says…




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Woosah’ing with some Pink Syrup

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Anonymous asked: Bae let me make you some pancakes and put wave grease in your hair then tie your durag 😏 Lol

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recklessgambina asked: So you're definitely awesome and such and I wish that I could be your friend or kick it with you or something, but life never really works out that way.

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herdreadsrock asked: Look, Tay. If you don't start loving me soon, I'll be forced to break up with you.

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Some of yall suggestions get me through the day. I appreciate yall asses foreal (I mean asses collectively and figuratively).

Some of yall suggestions get me through the day. I appreciate yall asses foreal (I mean asses collectively and figuratively).

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Bass practice. Back at it.

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Sumatom- Girls Like Kings….

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